Inclusive Art Workshops- 14 and up

  • Creative Access Art Center 500 South 8th Street Boise, Idaho 83702

Considering how the arts may be in your future as a means of employment or income? Take part in one of the workshops during the month of November.

November 9 – Comic Character Development with Scott Pentzer

November 16 — Floral Design/Wreath Making with Stephen Bennett

November 23 — Print Making with Amy Nack

November 30 — Lithography with Vivian Kim

Workshops are free and inclusive of individuals with and without disabilities ages 14 and up.  They have been made possible by the State Independent Living Council's Medicaid Infrastructure Grant at IPUL's Creative Access Art Center.  Through this grant, we seek to further employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities in a field of their choice: The Arts.

208.342.5884 or email HEATHER@IPULIDAHO.ORG

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