Miss Amazing Idaho

  • Nampa Civic Center 311 3rd St S Nampa, ID, 83651 United States

Friday April 8: Talent Showcase
Saturday, April 9: Final Show

What is the Miss Amazing Pageant?

The Miss Amazing Pageant is a program that gives girls and young women with disabilities the opportunity to build self-confidence in a supportive environment.

Who can participate in the Miss Amazing Pageant?

Any girl or woman ages 5 and up who meets the definition of disability under the government laws and acts defining a disability.

What are the areas of participation?

There are three required areas of participation:

  • Interview
  • Introduction
  • Evening Wear
  • Talent Showcase – Optional

How are the participants rewarded?

One representative in each age division will be selected as a queen to represent her state for the year. All participants will be crowned as princesses and will be awarded a trophy for their bravery and hard work. Medals are also awarded to the talent participants.

Is there a cost required to participate?

The only cost for participants to enter is 5 cans of food and the total amount of canned items will be given to charity. For those attending the final show, a $10 donation will be needed for anyone other than the participant. Donations collected will be used towards the mission of Miss Amazing Inc. and a portion will be given to various organizations in the community. Apply today here  http://missamazingpageant.com/applications/

Can boys with disabilities be involved with the Miss Amazing Pageant?

Absolutely! Boys have the opportunity to enroll in our Right-Hand Man program. They will have the opportunity to escort young ladies onto the stage during the evening wear portion and will be awarded a medal during the final show. Apply here  http://missamazingpageant.com/index.php/applications/volunteers/