How to be MYTHic 101

  1. Donate as often as you can and only donate the troops that have been requested. Always check chat before you donate, and respect others call for building troops for said donations. Unless requests have said otherwise, it is okay to top people off with Storm Trooper(s) (stormies, sts), probe droid(s) (NOT repair droids), and/or Heavy Trooper(s) (heavies, hts).
  2. No drama necessary, don't be a turd. If you have a problem or a concern then express it here or on LINE directly with one of your officers or your leaders. If they do not have an answer for you, then I assure you they will contact me. No negativity nor complaints on the chat pane. Don't be a drama queen or king, it's just not tolerated around here.
  3. Be ready to move squads. For various reasons, there are times you may be called upon to contribute to other squads. It's for the MYTHic Consortium and it is very much expected of you to move if asked. It is all about MYTH, my friend.
  4. Stay active. If you are expecting to be away for awhile for whatever reason, DIRECTLY notify your squad leader or and officer from your squad. There are those who temporarily cannot contribute and there are inactives, you don't want us thinking you are the latter.
  5. Be more than just a commander. Share your replays and watch/learn from others', be active in chat, monitor and pay attention to what's going on in MYTH (Facebook, LINE app), and enjoy donating. This truly separates the chaps from the chumps!