Welcome to MYTH

Welcome to the MYTHic Consortium ! MYTH has just a few simple rules we ask you to follow:

1. Donate as often as you can and only what is requested. Unless specified, you may top folks off with stormies, heavies, or probes. PLEASE be specific when you request, as it makes things more efficient which means more time spent attacking.

2. No drama. Got a problem? Ask me or your squad leader. Don't complain in chat.

3. Be ready to move squads. During shuffling you may be asked to move squads based on certain criteria, please be ready to do so.

4. Let us know if you are going inactive for more than a couple days for whatever reason(s). Real life comes first...sometimes.

5. Have FUN commander! We are organized, but feel free to post silly pictures on FB, chat in game, etc. I love to see new friends being made.

Thanks so much for joining the group, and good luck commander!