Advocates for Inclusion (AFI) is a family owned and operated Developmental Disability Agency.  We've been honored to serve individual’s in the Treasure Valley since 1998.  AFI collaborates with various community organizations, health care providers, school districts, Health & Welfare, and other providers to meet the needs of the individuals we serve.

Advocates for Inclusion strives to partner with the individuals we serve, along with their families and loved ones, to advocate for participation and quality services in our community.  We are an active participant in local, state, and national level advocacy organizations that work toward improving the lives of the individuals we serve.

We truly believe that we are a part of a team striving to facilitate and ensure that each individual is treated as an important member of our community.  We look at each person as an individual with unique strengths, goals, and needs. 

Individual and family participation and input are not only encouraged, but expected. By working together as a team, we can ensure that each individual is working towards and achieving their goals. 

Our ultimate goal at AFI is to empower the individuals and families we serve to gain more control over their lives and to become as self-sufficient as possible.