IPUL Survey-Action Needed


Hello!  Idaho Parents Unlimited (IPUL) is currently conducting a survey to families regarding Children's Redesign and how the transition has gone for them.  They are conducting this survey per the direction of the Consortium for Idahoans with Disabilities (CID), an organization that AFI actively participates in.

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AFI is currently on a committee that meets with DHW and other agency representatives.  The goal of this committee is to begin a discussion on what are challenges within the Redesign program and work towards some positive solutions.  A significant concern that we all have is the budget tiers that DHW has established.  The budgets are not always meeting the needs of the kids we work with and there are often access issues to some of the services.  Furthermore, 1,000 few kids have enrolled in CBR than expected.  We are concerned about where those kids are and why they are not accessing services.  Consistent feedback we have received is that they had such a low budget it was not worth accessing the services or that the services are not applicable to them. 

There has been a low number of responses to this survey, but if we are going to make any difference we need to hear from families!  Legislators want to hear from families, not agencies, on where there are issues with Redesign.  Their feedback is essential to this process!  Budget tiers are not set in rule.  We can advocate and make a difference on this.  However, we need to hear from families.  This survey will be invaluable as we begin meeting with DHW and legislators during this legislative session. 

This is the first step in moving towards improving services for your child.  Below is the link to the survey.  If you take just a few moments it would be very helpful.  The next meeting our committee has is on Friday, November 8th.  Please reply if you have any questions.    


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