Although the Treasure Valley Down Syndrome Association (TVDSA) has had a good year with a lot of productive and successful activities, without additional help, our future does not look so positive.

We ask that you consider helping in ONE area of need below.  If everyone can help a little, the work load will be manageable for everyone and TVDSA will continue to be a success in the future.

BOARD MEMBERS NEEDED: Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month from 7:00pm-9:30pm. There are multiple immediate and future openings available on the TVDSA Board of Directors.  The board develops the vision for the organization and serves as an advisory panel over the programs TVDSA supports.  Although the board can assist, they are not the only workhorses behind each project. Current openings include: 

  • Marketing Chair - oversees the preparation of all flyers, postcards, and media associated with TVDSA, oversees website needs with the web master, and acts as part of the communications committee. 
  • Programs Chair - oversees the different social group activities, filling in when there is a vacancy.  Assist in the Easter Egg Hunt and Christmas party preparations. 
  • Fundraising Chair - oversees all fundraising events, not including the Buddy Walk, endless opportunities. 
  • Community Chair - oversees the family meetings, sets up involvement in parades and local conferences, and helps oversee World Down Syndrome Day Celebration and the Picnic. 
  • Buddy Walk Chair (ideally two chairs that will co-chair) - organize and oversee the Buddy Walk committee for the annual Buddy Walk held in October. 

Not interested in being a board member? How about helping out on a sub-committee?  Without help in the committees, board members cannot stay sane and projects cannot succeed: 

  • Communications Committee - at least 1 additional person is still needed to review all marketing materials, newsletters, emails, and Facebook postings to verify accuracy and appropriate representation of TVDSA in following our mission. 
  • Buddy Walk Committee LARGE number of individuals are needed to make the Buddy Walk successful each year - areas of help include: pre-registration, t-shirts, raffle, sponsorships, administrative licenses, food sourcing, event day volunteers, entertainment, plus onsite organization. 
  • World Down Syndrome Day Committee - 5-7 individuals needed to help organize the annual celebration on 3-21 in March (activities, venue, food, etc.) 
  • Bike Camp Committee 2-3 additional individuals are needed to help organize our second local iCan Shine Bike Camp for this summer (venue, sponsorships, t-shirts, volunteers and registration, etc.) 
  • ATV Raffle Committee 5+ individuals needed to help organize a new TVDSA fundraiser.  An ATV has been donated, and TVDSA will be raffling it off.  We need heads to organize and sell tickets.  ATV will be awarded at the World Down Syndrome Celebration 2015. 
  • Calendar Committee 3-5 individuals are needed for the annual calendar.  The calendar takes creativity, time, photography knowledge or willingness to find one at a low price, and organization of the models. 
  • Family Meetings Coordinator - someone to help organize discussion topics and speakers, child care and location for the family meetings held the second Tuesday in January, May, September, and possibly November. 
  • Cool Club Coordinator - someone to organize outings in the community for individuals with Down syndrome ages 12-17 (Junior and Senior High school students).  Although activities can be monthly, the goal is 6-8 activities through the year plus coordinating a Christmas Celebration with the Adults in Motion in December. 

We appreciate you taking the time to consider helping the TVDSA family so we can continue to be a successful non-profit organization, ran completely by volunteers and no paid staff.  Your help is priceless and greatly appreciated by all. 

Please feel free to contact ANY of our current board members with questions or inquires of any of the above openings.

  2013-2014 Board of Directors